Monday, April 30, 2012

. happi monday! .

. i had this as my alarm sound and it never fails to woke me up .

. this used to be my alarm sound but sometimes it failed on waking me up .

i am happi today! oh well, these few days!! just because my mom and dad were here :D they suddenly came here last friday with friends. so glad to have them at home. home feel lively again. but then again, they have to go back to indo and the flight was this morning. it was fun talking and joking around with mom, dad and also uncles and aunties haha. yesterday, i spent my afternoon tea with dad, and his two friends. it was fun indeed! eventho i spent it with 3 old man :p. yesterday night, before i went to bed i feel like a little girl again. it is sure brings back memories. dad always kiss us on the forehead good night and make sure we all feel warm while we are sleeping. i used to fake-sleep coz it was bed time but instead, i talked on the phone with friends ahha. and  :p dad always caught me. anw, it was so fun and lovely back then. oh of course it never change until now, still fun. just that we are here and our parents are in indonesia. miss them! so, i was keep on sneezing and my dad came to my room and apply vicks on my nose just like i was a lil kid :p ehhehe. miss you dad! 

the other thing is, i wasn't sure what is going on actually with one of my friend. i got ignored and she seems unhappy with me but suddenly today it seems like nothing happened. oh well, it is weird but i am happi! haha! 

i feel blessed! thanks Daddy J! 

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