Thursday, April 12, 2012

. ba ba ba ba ba .

i wish i am younger than i am now, i wish i didn't waste my time back then with all the nonsense. yes, everyone wishes that but it won't come true unless you are living in the doraemon world or magical harry potter world. you can turn back time and change certain thing but then again, this life won't have any challenges left and it will be dull and more bad guys. that's why Daddy J always fair to create this world as it is right now. :) I do wish there is someone right for me (oh well, i just acclaimed that i gave up on love. but it is different) don't know how to put it but i really wish  there is someone right for me that standing right beside me and supporting me in whatever i do. i am a loser and i am a lazy bump. lack of confident, blur and good at nothing except eating (oh well, now i can't eat that much need to take care of your health no? sigh) i think i am not looking for romance but more to comfort and achievements. humph of course if there is a romance, it will be a bonus of course and i'll thank Daddy J for that. okie, what am i talking about! 

ah~ lots of stuff to learn learn learn and do do do do! 

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