Thursday, March 15, 2012

. watashi no koi wa hocchikisu .

. my love is stapler .

Why is it this way? On nights like this my mind begins to stray
I try to write my feelings for you down, the things I cannot say
Maybe it's a phase, but don't think I am going to change my ways
And one by one the sheets around me grow, with the love I'm scared to show
If only I could find some way to calculate the odds you'll love me back
I have hope my loves on track

I'll take these hopes and these dreams wishing that they'll come true
And take my fears and my tears and I'll throw them in two
Staple them with the love that I feel, that's all that I can do
I'll put the sheets in a pile, make the stapler go quick
But then I looked at the stacks, I have gotten too thick
Guess I have too much I want to share than get my message through
Until tomorrow then

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