Monday, February 6, 2012

. what a day day days! .

happy friday

. the cheesiest cupcake that i ever bought (only for jz, coz he is heart borken, there were 3 others and 4 heart shaped macaroons from coffee club) .

. jz bday, allex, mike, me and jz - tomi sushi, mike's treat! whoa! you can't believe it. i tried my first ever fish sperm sashimi. sounds disgusting but it is not :D reminds me of pig's brain. after that, we went for drinks and sing! .

fun saturday

. walked to national museum for dreams and reality, were queuing! lots of people .

. the only one that caught my eyes, i love this painting by philip wilson .

. went to sean and lina's house warming, with aza, chian leng, kiat, eddy, giovi, gareth, edwin, andrew. had a great time, playing monopoly deal, cards, wii. we laugh, we eat, we drink but noone get drunk .

delicious sunday

. woke up late, very late and mega came over. we fried and ate home made indonesian fish cakes from mega's mom .

. delicious .

. can't get enough, we fried more and again accompanied by sex and the city (mega never watched it before and i fallen asleep because of tiredness .

. we skipped dinner and went for dessert, udders is the best .

. as usual, mine's are durian + earl grey, mega's green tea + earl grey .

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