Thursday, February 2, 2012

. first .

okay, so... i stopped my scarlet letter and go on with haruki murakami's norwegian wood. i've been wanting to read it but somehow i never did. not until today, i have a huge urge to get the book. quite a trip! went to page one (coz, i've been missing it lately) and boom! lots of people there -.-" have i ever told you, i hate crowds! that's why i don't do concert. so, i feel pissed and dizzy with lots of people and piles of books everywhere with lots of empy shelves. i couldn't get my moleskine too. i was like, damn! i should have just grab my moleskine yesterday at kino. and so, i went all the way to orchard again. geez, i feel so tired! but when i want something, i got to get it. so, my bad! and with my sudden urge to read norwegian wood, i went to kino! and now i got both my first ever red moleskine which i start to doodle! (*scream i love it!!!) and my first ever haruki murakami's. now, the mission accomplish and i shall sleep.

*well, noone told me it's going to be easy. when i flip the page backward, i remember the pain. but again, it happens. somewhere someday someone will take care of it. i couldn't deny but it's a lil bit sour in here. eventho it is just a tiny little bit.


Azoic said...

ooo.. i hate crowds also.. or maybe just people in general.. so when theres too many ppl it becomes unbearable.. lol..

. happisis . said...

yeah! i feel dizzy and fed up. hahahah!