Thursday, January 26, 2012

. should i ? .

i never ever thinking about getting an ipad for myself. i think that's because i am not into technology or may be back then i got an iphone with me. well, but eversince my iphone magically disappeared, i've been using the old blackberry. well, it works well. nothing to complains about aside from the browsing. i can't read articles when i am outside. i got to stick on my chair infront of the comp. so, it got me thinking recently.. should i get an ipad for myself? i can read articles, i can read e-book (well, i still prefer the actual book tho) but then it got dictionary inside just highlight the word and it popped (my vocab is bad) and national geographic apps is cool! also i can happily reading inspiring blogs. well, since i have no idea when will iphone 5 be released ( no point to buy the same old iphone4 or even 4s since i've lost one) so, humm..


Azoic said...

actually i am also on the lookout for a tablet.. was thinking of getting a windows based tablet.. so can run photoshop and doodle etc.. but ipad also has that.. no pressure sensitivity though.. kinda undecided also for me.. which to get.. i suppose ipad would be cheaper.. but dunno if they releasing a newer ipad anytime soon.. dun wan to buy then 2 mths after new ipad comes out -_-"

Azoic said...

oh and they probably announcing the new ipad soon.. maybe march release.. so i dunno if you want to wait till then.. i probably will wait.. no point getting an outdated ipad.. =p

. happisis . said...

haha, yeah i heard about it. the new ipad coming soon. i am still thinking. and no i won't get the old one lol if new one coming. but i am still not sure. i don't like other brand tablet because of the design and the interface. haha. i love apple the most! wooo! but then again, interm of size and weight. aaah! i am lazy about it hahaha. -.-"