Sunday, January 15, 2012

. random .

. the smoke duck black pepper noodle is yuuuuuum! .

. finally visited loysel's toy! love the place! did you noticed! my new ruby acrylic diamond ring, i claimed to be my new year present from mi love heny and sandy .

. mi love heny and sandy .

okay, i have this curiosity about love or like? ahhh! okay boy and girl feeling. i am curious.. how long will a guy likes a girl and find her attractive? will a guy get tired of a girl? it feels scary actually, a couple had relationship for such a period and then they broke up. just like that. no more relationship. no more sweet talk. end of story. isn't that scary? you said i love you and then you said i hate you. lol. say, love is funny. but of course i am looking for a guy who won't gets tired of me :p. guess, everyone will have one for them.

ow yeah ow yeah! i cut my hair! i wasn't planned to cut this short =.=" this is just how my hair get cut last year. haaaaa~ but minus the bangs. i was going to cry! but turns out i kinda love my new hair... :D


Azoic said...

Aww.. i was hoping the baristas there will wear uniform like coffee prince. Also.. looks like normal coffee shop auntie tending the shop.

On the whole relationship thingy.. i always believe it's lust at first.. i think love only happens after liking someone over a period of time.. and love and hate is a fine line..

I think its normal to fear of someone losing interest in you after a period of time.. i also got this fear so i guess its normal for guys or girls to be like that..

but if you keep fearing like that, then you might miss out on happi moments that you might have had..

just my 2 cents.. and.. your hair looks the same.. what did you cut??!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

. happisis . said...

"but if you keep fearing like that, then you might miss out on happi moments that you might have had.." eheheh actually i kinda feel that way.. =.=" this thing is scary... and how can you know if that person will never get tired of you... when you know for sure you won't lol. anw.. really.. it is funny and confusing!

i did cut my hair!!! i used to have longer hair!!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Azoic said...

'when you know for sure you won't'

Hmm i used to think that way also.. but really thats just what you are feeling now.. people change.. even yourself.. you will never know when u suddenly love a person less than u used to..

so now my mentality is to love the person as much as she loves me.. i find that if i invest too much i will be on a losing side.. is that selfish on my part??

i dunno.. relationships is messy and confusing.. (-.-;)