Wednesday, January 18, 2012

. inspiration .

just finished watching inspirational short video about tom ford. oh my, this guys is awesome! okay, i always feel amazed with designers. i wonder where their creativity and imagination came from. it makes me feels like i need to work harder and stay focus on work. i want to get inspired more and more and get more creative. and then, recently it got me into thinking and it is ringing inside my head coz friends were asking, mom was asking... having no boyfriend, i think my mom is the one who is more worry than me. she kept on asking me lol since most of my indonesian friends who still stay in indo are all married. and she said me being picky and all. but how can i be in a love world when i still haven't even reach not 50% of my dreams? not this year may be? or not this soon? i don't know let Daddy J decide it? :) or someone suddenly popped and managed to change my mind? lol!

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