Sunday, January 29, 2012

. smile .

. i wish someone have that kind of feeling towards me haha! someone someday sometime ;p #daydreaming .

just came back from a fun day :D i went to church this morning (yes, Daddy i am sorry i've been slacking), met julia and kenny. after church we went for lunch at JTOWN! my, i never really tried there before.. only heard it from my sister who said the indo food is nice there. and so we went there and yes, i love the food :D.

and i spent my afternoon til evening at mike's place with jz and allex with sex and the city 1! but i feel asleep, guess i am too tired these days :P or may be because mike's place is my favourite place! cozy home. i always fall asleep there. oops! i did shared stuff and i am just feeling happy about it. lol! miss those times where we all gather alot at mike's... talk nonsense, eat, watching movie.

we ended the day with eating at al forno. it is near here.. (my place) yeah, mike's place is near my place! we all walked there. boy, i got to say i like the risotto and the pizza :D now i feel bloated :P

. as we were waiting for the foods, we were chatting but then we were doodling on the table
the girl is mine and the snowman looking guy is jz's .

. the risotto was nice! not too creamy. i thot it wasn't rich enough and i told mike that and he got the point, if the cream is rich i won't be able to finished the entire thing! i love love the mixed seadfood .

. and after they cleared the plates i doodle again .

will go out and celebrate jz bday this friday! can't wait :D how i love hang out with three of them :D

and i just talked to my former teacher on fb! how cool is that? :) i miss her.

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