Monday, January 2, 2012

. happi new year .

. my three lovely girls, i love them .

wooohoooo!!! happy new year, blog! happi awesomely new year! this year going to be awesome! i just back from the loveliest trip ever. a day haven't even passed and i miss my girls now! that one week was really amazing. spent time with loves one. got to thank Daddy for it :) eventho i didn't get to spend my new year and christmas with my parents here in singapore. but i am happy to spent it with marsha, steffi, fanny, revano, remon, ade, benji and goober. okay, i keep on repeating that. haha! sorry.. i just feel excited. now now.. i am back in the real world! where i am ready to fight all the way til the next december :)

btw, blog! i talked to some old friends, make things clear and now i have no more 2011 baggage with me :) best thing i ever did! a day before christmas :) isn't that what christmas all about? forgive and share your love! haha! anw, i am just so excited about this year.

okay, i am not good at writing but i feel blessed this christmas so as new year! :) thanks Daddy J for the amazing days!

and i kissed the girls! :p

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