Friday, January 27, 2012

. emoticon .

okay, the not so positive post again. have you ever feel you sux? yes, i always feel that way. everyday and right at this moment i feel that too. how should i improve my attitude? my lifestyle? my silly old brain? my thinking? my expectation? my work? my creativity? my job? my career? my financial? my relationship with friends? my relationship with my sisters? my relationship with people around me? oh! what should i do? my head is buzzing right now. frankly speaking i am lost! and i try not to write something sad on my blog after i read this article on elle magazine website!

"8. Don’t read blogs written by unhappy, spiteful people. Bad blogs will mangle your mood. Instead, spend an hour a day with your Moleskine notebook, connecting deeply with your own spiteful thoughts. At least they’ll be original. And P.S.: Anyone can make history. Only a great woman can tweet it." oh my, i love what she wrote!

i paused for a while and chatting with friends on facebook and shared some stuff and then, talked some nonsense and craps and now i feel better :D and hey, pardon my rudeness but i am addicted to this emoticon guy hahaha i call it middle finger guy :P and i got few version on my phone!

凸(˘̶˛ ˘̶)凸

i've been sending middle finger guy to friends well, just the friends who i know can jokes ;p hahaha! especially v! we have the middle finger emoticon "fight" lol! and my sisters as well... hahahah! anw, finished talking craps!

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