Wednesday, January 4, 2012

. da bump .

cute cute song i don't know a single word but i like it!

oh blog oh blog! i am officially hooked by the korean songs! lol! the cute, the sweet one, the romantic. all of them ahhaha! but not the sad song please. am not in the mood for sad and emotional song! so, i have this jokes that i said to the girls when i visited them. i was listening to the korean song, sang by a guy. i have no idea what is the title and the singer. but i got me into mood! i was telling the girls. "it would be nice.... while i am listening to this cute sweet song, i am texting some guy hahaha!" it got me into thinking.. what is love actually? will i ever feel that fluffy feeling? i mean... well i was in relationships, i had crush on someone for almost 6 years.but none of them really got me to the fluffy feeling. well, okay once in a while but most of them it got me into tears rather than smile and wrinkles on my forehead. hummm but i feel grateful for all of those relationships that failed. i learnt and grow more because of them :D.

ahhh! not to worry!! i am going to focus on my career! i have one yeah? yeah, the dream that always parked in the corner of my brain. lol! am gonna make it happened! and earn more!! so i can visit sha in SF! going to harry potter land and disneyland. and backpack travelling!!! wooO!!!
okay, stp dreaming!! now i got to continue the work. for the sake of michael kors? T_T i want one! mk watch. sigh!

but still i want to feel da-bump! it won't be easy for me. poor my prince to be. he have to work extra hard! lol!


Azoic said...

Wooo.. lucky i decide to stop by.. i ran out of yoon eun hye shows to watch.. looks like a nice romantic comedy.. gonna download.. niwaes this song.. its quite sad/emotaional leh..

. happisis . said...

lol yeah true.. it's not a happi song but it is a love song. i don't understand a word but this song is about falling in love. i guess haha. and i want to feel that way. *sound silly :P. i have no idea who is yoon eun hye. enjoy the show!

Azoic said...

!!! U dunno who is YEH!!! actually i just recently found out about her also.. if not for her i won't be watching kdramas..

should try watching her shows.. damn good.. all romantic comedies (my fav).. After watching her shows i also want to fall into something.. =p I have all 5 shows in my laptop at office.. with english soft subs..

Azoic said...

also if you want to know the meaning of the song then should watch this version instead =p

. happisis . said...

whoa!! it sure is a one sad song. hahaha!