Sunday, December 18, 2011

. wandering around .

christmas is just around the corner and why do i feel so lonely when i am not even alone. mister rain is still here visiting singapore. seems like he loves me so much that he keeps on dropping the rains on my head. now i feel a little bit head ache. i should remain healthy for this few weeks until next year. i am going to visit my girls soon. boy, i miss them so so so so much. finally i finished the christmas gift shopping. tiring! i never felt this tired before. christmas shopping should be fun. but somehow i just didn't feel that way. i think because of the tiredness and head ache.

what have gotten into me again? i wonder. sigh. there is something inside my head that i couldn't say it outloud. i am sad whenever i think about that. what to do? i am a girl with expectation. you can't change me nor i can change myself. and aslo i can't deny but still feel sad over the christmas dinner that never happened. oh boy, here i go again all feel emotional. sigh!

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