Saturday, December 24, 2011

. think happi thoughts please! .

blog, i don't know what got into me these few days.. seems like things gone wrong :( same as today. i was happi today because we had a christmas lunchie at office! yay! and we have christmas gift exchange. hihihi be someone else secret santa is exciting! i have no idea who i picked lol. he is a new layout guy in the company. it was tough finding him a present. but gladly he said he like it :D (or he got threatened by my note forcing him to like the gift that i pick? my bad :P) hummm i was so happy today. i got few extra presents. thank you!!! :)

today mom and dad arrived here!! i miss them :) but i came home late today... because i have my last minute shopping for christmas gift. see how scattered is my brain! how can i skipped my parents gift?? :( and i finally got one! a scented candle that i know mom and dad will definitely love it. it's from crabtree and evelyn. i wanted to buy jo malone. but i have not much time. i rushed back by cab.. but the taxi driver was so rude :( and i left my gift inside the cab. i chased him... i got the cab, i knocked on the window. he knew it.. but he ignored me :( how can a person be so cruel? :( i feel like crying my heart just broken. you see, i have no time to buy another for them. am flying off tomorrow to see my girl friends. now i have mix emotion :(. hummm... may be, i can asked my friend to help me bring it to my parents in january since they are going back :) so problem kinda solved.. but still... it's christmas and i want to see their happy smile :( and a kiss from my dad after he received the gift. coz that's what he did everytime when he received a gift from us.

i feel nice and good after awhile.. and my dad asked if i am okay. and i said i am not.. i feel stressed out with the wedding video. i have a very tight deadline. i am sure my dad won't understand but it's alright. he is so cute enough to quickly said don't be stress! i saw a video clip so nice from a mv.. and i snapped them and wanted to show you. hahaha. and he take his iphone and showed me. then he went to youtube and find the song for me hahaha. love you dad!

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