Tuesday, December 13, 2011

. randome .

what to do with me, blog? i have no idea what i really wants in life! well, alright.. i know what i want but the thing is which one is what i really want? as today, i feel like eating something sweet, but i am not into something too sweet. so, i went to the shop around the office to grabbed some choco of course, but they ran out of hershey's special dark choco. sad! but i found the new ferrero in dark choco! oh yeah! i quickly grabbed that and i still feel something missing... so i grabbed another dars choco dark one of course and think are they enough? oh, may be something cold to drink something refreshing so i grabbed another sunkist juice drink with a lil pulp inside. i love pulp. i paid and i saw m&m's so i grabbed another one! now i have 3 diff snacks with me all choco just diff brand and shapes. but, i don't feel like eating them. instead, i gave the ferrero to my colleagues. -.-" and i don't even finished the juice. too sweet. *slap me once and slap me twice!

how can i live simply if i don't even know what i want? o.O"

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