Sunday, December 4, 2011

. the sick guy! .

. happy feet .

hey, blog! how are ya'? am doing great and then not so good! sigh! i just fell down yesterday. more like flew and dropped! lols! my amazing eyes didn't see there were steps and i just fall! hurt my knees, duh! both knees and my elbow and my palm. ugh! why oh why i always so careless. talk about careless yeah! i lost my iphone on my last visit to universal studio. but the turkey legs and four fun companions made it better :D. so, v just took off to australia yesterday. yesh! we had so much fun. well, but sigh i couldn't bring him to eat lots of good foods! coz he wasn't feeling well. sad! but it was still fun hang out with this tall guy! lol. and i made new friend eli! she is so much a fun person! she as well went back to states today. we went to drinks and we had fun. but i was a lil bit doze off from the hoegarden! weird thing is i buzzed from a beer not the shot -.-" alrighty! i couldn't wait til she posted the pictures.

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