Monday, November 21, 2011

. wooot .

blog, how are you? hummm i got a mixed mixed situation now! happy and sad. happy coz i had great time with my friends in universal studio! :D and i got sad because i lost my iphone :( all the pictures! the memories had gone. humph can't believe it! and happy again coz i ate the turkey leg at universal studio. yum! i feel like i am in a flinstone world. haha the turkey leg is so big! i want more! and i feel happy too because i ate cookie! and i feel happy because we tried all the excited rides! hap happi! but then i feel sad because i had sore throat and i feel light headed and feverish. and i feel happy again coz the next day which is yesterday. we went for "richard the third" kevin spacey in it yo! :D great performance! i wish i wasn't unwell :( and it's kiat bday yesterday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIAT! and then now i feel tired but happy coz i knew there is people who care for me. :D thanks for the care not so tasty drink and med!

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Kiat said...

hoho thank you ah... and take care ah... lol