Thursday, November 3, 2011

. system down .

have you ever face up and down situation? hummm... much learn from this life. i am now kinda facing a down situation. next year, i wish next year all going to be better. i texted koko sandy. i said no matter what he has to push me and i need to gain something in next year. i mean, i feel grateful for what i have right now. but we are human not meant to be only in their comfort zone. i want to strive better in everything. i feel blessed i have lovely friends around, lovely coworkes and also someone who cares for me. i feel grateful. but still this is not enough. God created placed me in this world not for being so so sisca! but the awesome one. i am so fed up lately with myself. and i am sometimes disappointed and i am just feeling so emotional these days. i wish this is gonna over soon. please please november please be good to me. *i can feel i am talking nonsense and craps but who cares. noone will read this junk anyway.

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