Monday, November 7, 2011

. long weekend .

. my first ever stamp crafting! .

. this reminds me of thumbelina .

hey, blog! how are you! hummm i am quite restless over the long weekend :) but i am quite enjoying myself. strolling around doing nothing til am :p. guess, i love doing that. btw blog, i am being a loser again. i have no guts to watch paranormal activity -.-" i sat in for the whole movie without watching the movie T_T. ahh!!! but yesterday or saturday or even friday night were all awesome :) oh yeah! we walking, taking mrt aimlessly and ended at haw par villa yesterday. reminds me of my childhood. when papa and mama brought me there. but they do change lots of stuff. well, i couldn't quite remember. what i remember is there was a boat bringing us inside a cave to view all the statues and i got scared. well, up until now when i visited there i got uneasy feeling. btw, i've watched tintin. love the show so very much!!

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