Tuesday, November 29, 2011

. hum hum a little hum .

blog! let me start the day! i feel good today :) things seems to be clearer and i feel lighter each day. hahaha! ah! may be that's because christmas is one block away!! hurray! or may be before sleeping, i watched winnie the pooh the movie! oooh! who doesn't love this silly old bear and friends? with the strong imagination of christopher robin. i love! pooh movies always make me happi! and zoey deschanel sing the song yo!!! i just talked to the sheep yesterday i think i can be related to pooh bear. we both loves to eat, not so intelligent, but we love our friends and we always think about our tummy. :D

and have i told you i love my breakfast today! hahaha don't you feel like christmas already just to look at the packaging? i do! :D

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