Sunday, November 13, 2011

blog, these days are not happy days :( i feel upset. people dislike me.. i don't understand why and what i did wrong :( if i could.. i would leave this place as soon as i can. i am tired here. tired with all nonsense, all unnecessary stuff. may be i am too carefree.. i am too friendly with peoples. that's why they hate me. i don't know but i feel sad. this year isn't my year that's all. i hope those who hates me.. they will think twice.. before they really hate hate me. if i could i would vanish from this place. sigh... i just wanted a simple normal unstressful life. why can't i have that? i just want to achieve my dream.. what i wanted. why people always being so mean? i don't understand. i am not happy at all. i wish this go away fast.. :(

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