Sunday, October 23, 2011

. sunday i love you .

blog, i just finished watching "Dangerous Beauty" first i wanted to watch blue valentine, i haven't get a chance to watch it heard it is good. since, i am in a mood of watching movie. okay, why shouldn't i take a chance and watch this movie. it is indeed a beautiful movie :) for me, it is. this movie is about an intelligent, brave young courtesan. i love her. i love her after i watch the movie. i wish to read the book. i love how she is smart, charming, brave besides that i also feel touched by the love of she and her lover whom she cannot get married with. their love so strong. can see from their eyes that they love each other so much. okay i love this not because of the love story, but because of her. :) i enjoy this movie. and now! i need to stop being all so dirty and lazy but to bathe :p and be prepared for "teddy bear exhibition!!" how i love teddy bear so much! :)

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