Monday, October 31, 2011

. smile .

such a sweet song, yes? especially in the rainy day like this. love rainy day. i wish i can play in the rain. running around, singing in the rain and dancing in the rain. but not! coz i need to go back to the office and work. i was out for picked something from printing shop. and duh! raining! but luckily i was with the sheep and he lend me his jacket. for once i feel like red riding hood ahhaha. which was fun!

so yeah, playing this song.. such a romantic and lovely song. it makes you think about someone special. but for now, time for me to achieve something for myself. love myself more and grab the dream that far away from here. lols! but i do wish one day there is someone out there dream a little dream of me and we'll live happily ever after. okay full stop for the craps. muah!

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