Sunday, October 16, 2011

. pig out .

blog! ask me, if i feel guilty eating this late. ah! no! i don't feel guilty at all. hello! it's thai express it's tom yam seafood and my lovely sister being so sweet and brought back for me. since i am so tired to walk out from my room. yes, this body aching! but it shows how much fun i get from yesterday trip :) next month rock climbing, shall we? :D please shafiq we must go there! i want to try. eventho.... shhh don't tell. i am quite afraid of falling! am a loser but i got to be brave and try it! like i tried the cable skiing :D

*btw, thanks burt's bees! my lips is less cracking now. i'll diligently apply you on the lips :D even my sister loves you too.

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