Monday, October 3, 2011

. imagine .

. louis, kiat, me, chian leng, roger, zhan xin .

. reminds me of my fave piece from dali the elephant look alike sculpture with loooong legs .
blog, i think i nearly get distracted. well, i am not sure. anw, i had fun today. TIRING but fun. it's monday again! time to work again. :) the museum trip was cool. love how they projected van gogh's works. i was crying in my heart. being touched by the art. i don't know but somehow i feel hope but also sad. i think i would love to stay there for a whole day or may be two. i love it there. so, we also went for ship wrecked exhibition. honestly, i never can understand that. i've been to parts of china and saw something like that. but anw love the ceramic. great stuff there. last but not least, we went for the genius dali. i get tired and not feeling too well. yes, recently i can feel my body isn't coping that well. sigh~ one thing about dali, this might sounds stupid but i love how dali get inspired by his wife gala. how lucky she is. i saw one sculpture that makes me feel so sad. reminds me of something. my heart breaks again. how i wish i am a man of my heart's muse when he found me and i found him, from that day til the end. apart of that, i love dali's strokes and choices of colours. even tho the drawing that he portray aren't my favourite. but yes, i enjoy the time there.

*sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the most lonely person

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