Monday, October 17, 2011

. humph .

blog, i just finished showering i smell nice now with the clean on me shower gel and my face seems moist. i just love this feeling :D. i had nice run, quite intensive stretching. all for strengthen my weak knees. thanks to wilson for that and daryl for the clapping hands. haha. my legs feel like jelly after those. humm i shall said, today i am quite happi but not all happi. coz i am having lil bit trouble with the work stuff. how i wish i am smarter and how i wish i am more creative! :( *sob. but thanks to aza for the pencil ice cream. that's what i really want. love pencil ice cream so much! the best! always make me feel happier. back at home, i am quite disappointed with my little sweet sister. i dislike people who is so calculative. be it about money, workload, or watsoever. but don't worry it's not about money it's about other stuff. humph. she is still young. she will understand along the way she grow up. sad! okie! i've done enough stretch as well. time to i don't know.. browse around? or upload pics on happisis studio or draw? hummm dunno. i feel lost! hahaha. muacks!

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