Sunday, October 2, 2011

. happi sat .

. mine, phoon's, rivand's .

blog! i am so happy with the bracelet that i purchased from pull and bear. i never love this kind of thing. i love to purchased and my sister will be the one who wear them. i don't like to wear lots of things. the only bracelet that i love is my tiffany, a gift from mom. and my prev. marc jacobs which i broke it. :( sad! but today i had fun wearing this bracelet. so cute and when i move my hand it got sound like *cling clang haha. they bumped to each other. love it. oh, yeah! remember i told you about my flat hair and i am trying my new burt's bees shampoo super volumizing! it works! and today i went to grab the conditioner. gonna love it :D and finally i have tried coldstone at orchard central! :p

i better sleep soon! i have a bet with captain roger! if i can reached mrt station before 11 i'll get my caramel machiatto from him! if not, i will get him one! so better not be late. coz he didn't believe that i won't overslept. yes, blog! we are going to art science museum tomorrow!! so thrilled! :D

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