Tuesday, October 18, 2011

. grabbed! .

hey blog, how are you doing? i am doing good! :) so, i was browsing thru katherine's facebook just to grabbed some pictures from heny and sandy's wedding :p i couldn't help but to show off the reckless ericka dress that papa bought for me. i wish i have picture with my other reckless ericka too. with the clog. :p and some pictures from last month baking at home :D

. me and the sisters! aren't they cute .

. lin lin sweet lady! like her .

. me and kath she is cute. i like her too .

. yay! finally! can you see the design of the dress! i love it! thanks, papa! .

. somehow i just love this shoot! hahahaha. but i am too slouchy .

. this is the best that i can get for my other reckless ericka! i wish i snapped a whole look
i can't help but love reckless ericka ;P .

this is random as my life! good day! *muacks

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