Monday, October 31, 2011

. coco .

okay, so in my 24 year old. i finally found the one scent that i'll be sticking on after lots of perfumes and lotions :D duh! it's coco mademoiselle. i went to orchard today just for grab my shower gel. yeah, my clean on me finished and time for the new bottle. but i couldn't find it anymore at sephora. but not to worry i will trust clean, girls from soap and glory too. eversince i was a little kid i always love nice smells whenever papa and mama spray their perfumes i'll be thinking when will be my turn to use that magical bottle :p so, don't mind me. i love to smells good! oh yeah! of course my plan today is to buy my shower gel and mademoiselle's lotion this is a must! but i turn out to buy the cream and hair mist. how i love them. i am really addicted to the smell now :p ahh the perfume is going to finished soon but i need to limit my spending on this. so, next month shall we? for the perfume. :D anw, i feel happy *wink and *kiss

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