Saturday, September 10, 2011

. wooohooo! .

blog blog am so excited! but also nervous. :p am excited because, sunday is going to be a memorable day for my lovely sister and brother! heny and sandy. yes, they are getting married! wooohooo!!! *cheer cheer and also tomorrow okay technically, later at 10 am i'll be leaving singapore and going to malaysia! coz the venue is there. for the first time, i'll be travelling by coach alone! i never done that before. aeroplane? yes! i've travelled lots of times alone and nothing to worried. but the fact that i'll be on the road with people whom i don't even know for few hours. bleah! let's just enjoy it! hahaha. my mom and dad disagree that i am taking coach. they insisted to purchased a flight ticket for me. but nah! for the first time, i want to be brave and travel alone. kinda excited! hahaha okay, so that's what caused me nervous! and the other one is. oh mi gosh!!! the video that i did for heny and sandy is going to be play on a big screen projector. 300 people will witness that! *finger crossed!

i have bought few books for the trip. a sacret letter and two other charles dickens books. wooohooo! am going to finished the dumas on the coach, the coach supposed to be so comfy with a facility like a first class flight! better be good. :p i will try not to fall asleep! haha! i am excited and nervous once again!

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