Monday, September 19, 2011

. wappi .

blog, i am so wappii!!!! i baked with friends at my place :D happi baking together. so awesome! so fun! i will post the photo when i go back home. blog, as you know i was very happi after heny and sandy's wedding. never felt this happy before but something made me feel sad again, but now i don't give a glace for the unhappiness. at least i try, coz i know i have tons of better things to do and i have friends that love me and won't say meanie things about me :) be happi again yo! brought the cakes to the office today. people loves it! guess 8 of us must be proud need to thanked the master of patisserie.

ow yeah blog, as you now again... i am a bit clumsy sometimes.. well, okay everytime. that was why my parents were worried when i first came here. clumsiness happened at heny and sandy's wedding. ahhh! funny. but that's a memory :D and -.-" sometimes i just don't like myself. coz i tend to say something stupid and clowny and bleah! when i get nervous and don't know what to say -.-" sisca, you are dumb dumb! aaaah!


Kiat said...

yup the cake taste really nice. And Miss Katong, thanks for your hospitality ! lol

. happisis . said...

come here again!!! :D next month. shall we? sigh! miss katong not win the missy thing!