Sunday, September 4, 2011

. ummmmm .

i am so in love with soap and glory!!! i never really get so excited about my shower gel. it always johnson and johnson. yeap, my friends be it girl or boy... they said i am not a true girl. guess, people did change! thanks for sephora and soap and glory now i love myself more and more ;p okay, that is too much. lols! i went in and out sephora so many times but never really look at stuff. mostly because my friends wanted to buy make up stuff. yesterday, i was bored and wandering around, feel like giving myself a lil reward and treat myself better and i spotted the pink and catchy products. i bought stuff for their packaging and pictures ha! it ended up just standing on the same spot somewhere in my room or toilet ;p but for this one, nah! i am using them... yes, i just bought their shower gel and body lotion, since my mademoiselle lotion is going to finished soon (me sorry i ditched you before you finished, dont worry i still love my coco lotion) i just couldn't wait but try it right away! now i smell so nice! i might going back to sephora just to grab the other products. *smoooch! because of jul i have a cute pinkish gloves for showering! feel so clean and smell nice!

tomorrow, i am going to try my new burt's bee shampoo ;p i've been using kerastase before i came here to study and now working. they are great but i want to try something else. ;p love the catchy branding too ;D

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