Sunday, September 4, 2011

. great day .

yay! for the moment, busy days are over!!! i know, it won't be for long (it is not like i hate being busy, i love it!) ahhaha get to work and be better! okay, so today i have a fabulous day! ah... aside from my dad scolded me for eating fried potato :( and i missed heny's bachelorette party. went to have brunch, tea time, lunch, shopping!! with my beloved papa mama and sisters! happi day! yet, i still don't know, why lots of people love twg tho.. sorry no offence, i love the tin boxes and the design of the place, the interior is awesome and cutlery and all are pretty too... aside from those i still prefer tea cafe :) kinda feel disappointed over the dirty cutlery that they serve *boo yo! and at last, we tried high society cafe! love that place :) always love "that cd shop". bought some of the high society albums and still loving them. uh la la!!! i had again, what else my fave seafood! lols! i had yum lobster au gratin. oh my, the food there are good :) geez!! i thot i promise myself no more seafood for this week and next week! please mister cholesterol don't get near me :( i ate too much seafood these days! oh yeah, and kfc too! -.-"

. mama and papa .

. lil chef and super mom .

. lovely nobo and papa .

. dunno why, but i love this. hahaha! i want my future husband as awesome as my dad! thanks God i broke up and single. i still have time to sit back relax enjoy time and scanning thru the candidates :p .

. ow yeah .

. lobster au gratin, yum! .

after that, i went to meet up with the sheep :) he helped me with the wedding video effects! ah!!! loving it! love the editing and all! you did a good job sheep! i am so happy! thanks for the hard work!!! :) gonna post it soon after the wedding :)

oh yeah, i forget to showing off!!! i got a nice sketch from one of the senior character animator from dreamworks, morgan kelly. sat thru the dailies with all the tip animators for few days, taking notes. those days were awesome and i did learn stuff. thanks! i think for me, it is still a long way to go til i can be as awesome as my fella colleagues! all awesome artist :)

. thanks, morgan .

God is good, all the time! i am ready for the next busy - ness!!! :D bring it on, yo!

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