Sunday, September 18, 2011

. stupid kind .

promise my friend am not going to give a damn about what happened yesterday morning. but i still i can't just let it go in a one snap. remember the time when there was a guy who try to fought so hard for me and convinced me that he'll take good care of me and never let me down? yeah, and at the end without me doing anything wrong he accused me of standing on his way and he went all haywire. that itself, i try to get over it. what can i do? God gave me a tough life and challenge to deal with this kind of people. one is enough and now there is another one. accusing me of ruining her relationship without me knowing what happened exactly. can you believe it? screaming, yelling, the f word flying all over my ears from her mouth. God knows what was going on. thanks that i have a good friend with me and i have a good God with me. i am disappointed as well, for both of them acclaimed themselves as children of God. i am not here to judge people but i pity them. never in my life i am so angry and upset. if i can i won't forgive them but i have kindest God and nicest God i will try to forgive them.


Kiat said...

hoho you quite strong, after such thing you still looked very cheerful when baking cake =X

. happisis . said...

aaah! kiat. this is embarrassment >.< you read my post! thanks to you guys to gave me such a fun time to bake bake :D