Thursday, September 15, 2011

. overly joy .

wooohooo blog! i am overjoyed. i couldn't stop but keep thanking Lord for what He have done. it is nothing for everyone else, but it means something to me. to finished the wedding clip for my dearest friends heny and sandy. to hearing the crowd clapping, laughing and even shed a tear because of the simple wedding clip. what can i say? i feel happi and grateful. regardless what have happened to me. the disappointment and the hard time making the video. thanks for the support from friends for being there for me when i needed them. woo! it sounds so drama but i am really happy, you have no idea how a simple video and claps can make a person feel happy for days... :D by a request from this lovely couple. i have created a happisis studio page on facebook. as you know blog, i have no confidence or whatsoever to create this page. who am i to wish people will like the page. i am scared. scared of the judgement. haha. i am a coward. yes. but thanks to heny, sandy. i did it. :) i wish this page to grow more. doing better with the projects and bringing happiness to others. thanks Lord. You are awesome!

Here is the wedding clip. enjoy!

oh yeah, since a friend of mine asked me. why i didn't put the one who did the effect name, yes. he refused to! i need to tell you blog, i can't finished this video without him. he help me with the effects and he is shaunik :) and oh, the song too. since this is a HAPPISIS STUDIO PRODUCTION, it doesn't matter who did it yeah? it can be 10 of us or 100 of us. what matters is we bring smile to people who watch it. thanks, shaun to help me in my stressful and hard to please time! *it's okay yeah i mentioned your name here! hahaha. since noone will read it!

and here is the link for the HAPPISIS STUDIO ;p

la la la la la la la la la la la *smurfalicious!


Anonymous said...

Love this animation, May I know what's the backsound of this animation?

Anonymous said...

Love this animation, May I know the backsound in this animation?

Anonymous said...

Dear Happisis, May I know the title of this backsound or make your own?
I think this is a great combine between animation and backsound

. happisis . said...
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. happisis . said...

hi, hidayatsadikin. thank you for liking the animation. here is the youtube like to the song. enjoy! :)

if you could be dearie to support the page too we would thank you very much :D