Friday, September 2, 2011

. oh le ih oh .

huaaa! blog. i am so tired these day. like, really tired. i would want a nice music, with a fluffy cushion ahh and pot of tea with nama choco... how i wish yeah! okay, so yesterday night i was relaxing. after work, i went to orchard just to get the yohji book. ugh! i thot there is a discount at kino :( just figure it out it is only happening at bugis kino. aaaaah i have to hold the temptation. but not to worries. i wanted to reward myself a nice grey adidas base ball jacket. which i've tried it on and it looks good on me! i never wanted a jacket so much! but guess what! i was and still upset til now. they don't have it anymore :( not even at other shop. no book, no jacket. *depress! i ended up buying a cute "sad face" captain cat pencil from wood would! it is so cute that it reduces my sadness :) oh, i spotted a cute jinggling toy for lil kid. it reminds me of my lady boss who is going to give birth soon. so i get one for the baby. so cute that i wish i am the baby. haha! i get something for my dad too. national geographic documentary dvd. dad loves it! :) now i feel happy! but still thinking about the jacket :( was thinking to wear it when i am travelling to kuala lumpur next week for heny and sandy's wedding. but too bad :(.

isn't this cute? i hope the baby loves it!
aye aye cat captain! i used to have lots of wooden pencil with cute top and wooden pen with cute design. i just love wooden stuff! i wish my house made of wood. haha!
jen's birthday today! yay! happi birthday!!! she is my youngest sister's friend. she is cute and funny.

birthday girl! isn't she lovely? she supposed to still wearing her pyjamas.

uh! i love this bebe dress. love the design yeah... tried it on but not buying it.
really loves it!

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