Monday, September 19, 2011

. just one .

humph sigh!! my skin is getting bad again :( eversince 3dsense year my skin is bad! i miss my "un-scar" face :( now pimppie always came out. humph... recently, i started to worry about my skin. thanks to mom for giving me skII eye cream will use it every night! so my eyes won't be a panda eye anymore. thanks Lord i don't have puffy eyes! Daddy, it will be nice if my pimppies all gone forever. ahh!!! that's what i am asking for now... haha and i wish my skin is smooth as tofu but i don't want it to be as white as mr cullen and as fury as mr jacob -.- no no!

*i am sorry i forget where i get the picture -.-" can't give credit

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