Tuesday, September 13, 2011

. it's a love story .

blog!!! how are you? i just reached home! my tiny little happisis studio. bleeee! i had a wonderful weekend! lovely, magnificent, brilliant, gorgeous, yes yes am over say it. but indeed. sandy and heny wedding was lovely and awesome. thanks Lord for that! hurray!!!! i don't even have time for the scarlet letter that i brought for the trip. i can't even finished the three musketeers. too tired. exhausted i shall say and yet. i have energy to blog about this. haha! as you know, i went there alone by coach! wooohooo am the man now! (sheep! i told you i am! a brave man. i shall try to be a musketeer!) i ended up sleeping on the coach and watching curious george while abandoning my book. still have more books queueing up. and am excited to read them all! okay, cut the crap!

so.. the wedding was awesome. the loveliest ever. i couldn't imagine. two of my loveliest, beautiful, handsome, nice, whatever you can think of sister and brother married now! they are my favourite. i sees them as my big brother and big sister. love them very much and proud of both of them. as in really! i was crying and couldn't stop but feel so happy for them. for me to be part of their wedding prep and helper. i am most honoured. ow yeah! how can i forget! the video!!! "it's a love story" video. i think people loves it!!!!!! wooohoooo! my first ever clip for 200 over people almost 300 people. can u believe it? am feel so happi! but for me as long as the two newly wed couple happi, i feel joy!

i met some new friends and people. that was fun too :) uugh, never thought a wedding is so tiring! i want to have a simple small wedding please, just at the garden with tchaikovsky music playing and also little kids carrying my flower and veil. okay, *slap! sisca, please stop. now, go to bed!

in case you don't know.. my lovely blog, your friend here confirm is a clumsy fella! always tripped down, make fool of herself and do stupid thing! heck, care yeah! can't this be my unique style? who cares what people said. even dali says don't be afraid of imperfection. am not perfect and that's the fun part. will upload some pictures and of course! the video for the world to see (who cares with my blog yeah? okay, i only love to type. with crappy english and grammar. again, who cares!) *smoooooch! HAPPI WEDDING!

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