Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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at last! i have watched contagion yesterday. been wanting to watch it eversince i saw the poster everywhere around bus stops. i like it eventho lots of people might said the story is so so and boring. i enjoy the movie. i mean i think this is what happened in a real life. i hope people will start to aware about the hygiene. thanks God i am not a hygiene freak. i am not a super neat freak as well. unlike my mom and dad ;p but thanks God that both my parents are. ahahha. i do not like to share drinks or food with others, no offense tho. i just do not like it. even when i eat with mom and dad we will use different spoon for dishes. but humm... i have closed one eye when i came here. don't want to hurt others feeling but refusing food when they ask or i always feel guilty if i drink in a same straw with others. -.-" and when i am on the bus, i don't feel like touching anything. yes, i am a junior freak. anw, yeah i enjoy the movie!

apart from that, i've been reading musketeers again. yes, i always carry the book with me wherever i go. because of the business and lack of sleep past few months, i didn't really get to enjoy the book. but recently, i read them again diligently. i promise myself i am going to finished it by this week. so i can continue reading other books. :) still, it is hard for me to say about this three musketeers book. few times i feel disappointed with the character. but again i am afraid to judge them before it ended. but i dare to say Buckingham is my favorite.


Kiat said...

saw you reading the musketeers when you walking around and never watch your way...tsk tsk... so dangerous

. happisis . said...

hahaha yeah! drown to the book. so exciting now!!!