Thursday, September 29, 2011

. burp .

oh so unglam. but who cares. i kept on burping -.-" not a very proud statement. ahhh! this tummy still full of ramen. i can feel this body feel a lil bit guilty from "the almost everyday eat so much!" oh boy oh boy! blog, today i feel a lil bit weak. but strange, when i ran, i ran quite in a consistent pace and not too slow. which is i feel happy! while i was running i feel strong and happy. but after finishing. oh boy, i feel light headed and i wish i have sweet with me. i feel lil suffocated yeah! hummph. hate this weak side of me. not cool! and after that. me and running friends went to eat ramen champion again! oh! that bowl of tetsu ramen is great! def vote for that. haha!


Kiat said...

wah ramen again !! you really like ramen .... soon you will finish all ramens at ramen chapion

. happisis . said...

ooops! i think next week also ramen champion again >.< ahhaha and i am addicted to tetsu >.<