Saturday, September 24, 2011

. 男だな .

woooO!!!! i proved it! i am the man. otoko da na watashi! :D last few days i just went to eat ramen champion with my friends. never visited ramen champion before until my friend suggested it. i am like.... "excited"! coz, i've been seeing my friends posted pictures of ramen champion on facebook. so yeah! the ramen that i ate before... am sorry i forget the name but it is the one at the back. nice!! love the noodles. today, i went back to office just for watching alfred hitchcock psycho with friends. nice show! we wanted to watch more of hitchcock show :) after that we went to ramen champion again!! and this time i ate bario. according to my friend, that is very filling and the most sinful one. how can it not be? the fats that contains from the meat. ahh!!! and the oily soup. phew! i skipped that one last time, i think that is too much for me. but indeed because of my love to foods. i can't resist it and today i must try! watever i don't care if it is sinful. i'll run for it. haha. indeed i ate it. four of us had it. and i finished all of that. just because i want to see the 男だな words! how silly is that? yeah! i told you i rule the retard world so why can't i be? hahaha. and yes, i finished the whole thing including the oily soup. i never ever want and like to finished soup of watever noodle are they. but only because of the word. i did it! now, i am the man yo!


Kiat said...

wah why I saw my photo here? hahahaha
cannot believe you really drink the soup... =X

. happisis . said...

hahahah! have to! we are all friends in crime! next time fugimori! yeah man! i can't believe it as well. but at last! i saw the words! OTOKO DA NA!!!