Tuesday, August 30, 2011

. when you get a hit on the spot .

i am listening to lady antebellum - when you got a good thing. it means nothing to me right now. but it makes me finally realized, realized why i think love sucks. nah, it is nobody's fault. only because i gave all my heart, hope and dream to one guy, whom in the end betrayed me. say, i am a fool i put too much dreams and hope in one guy that i barely know and understand him as he me. but i dont think i am a fool. at least i am sincere, innocent enough to trust love, big hearted enough to gave him chances. isnt that the most beautiful thing? yes, it is and it is indeed hurt when u get betrayed by that big trust. u feel like this earth is going to collapse right in that moment and u cant possibly find happiness again. i was wrong. i can still find it one day, someday. not thru a guy maybe, but thru something else. now i kinda understand why i dont feel love and romance, not tiny lil bit. but still my heart hurt. the innocence and sincerity betray me. the trust hurt me big. still, i hope he is happy with what he have done. he feel satisfied with what he said. he feel succeed with what he achieved.

*am struggling with sweet romantic scene for friend's wedding illustration! what should i do yeah? -.-" sucks!

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