Sunday, August 14, 2011

. watever watever .

this year lots of pressure, yeah! this year full of shit, yeah! this year full of sickness, yeah! this year full of unexpected stuff, yeah! but slowly, i think i get my confident back little by little. while i am working on this project. :) and when i have my sheep friend and stupid friend with me. i feel happier each day and i feel confident each time i met them. woooOhoooOOo!!!! who is the best? shaun and mikey is the best! lols! *shaun, read this coz i'll send you this link and better help me with the thing that you suppose to help me! *mikey, you prob never read this watever. lols! just a random stuff to post! :p

love you mom love you dad! miss you guys, SMOOOCH!

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