Thursday, August 25, 2011

. waddup .

aaah! i am happy today! helping out taking notes for the animators ;D learning stuff. thanked my boss dave! ;D. i can't wait til the day i finished heny and sandy's wedding video! and i shall focus on my own stuff.... and need to save up money to buy that adidas base ball jersey. *in love with it! i look cool in that ;p and i need to slowly collect copic markers... and learn how to use them. i've been wanting a moleskine. hummm but moleskine is expensive for me. for someone who can't really illustrate well! i want to get that haha may be it will help me became a better artist! *don't mind me this is just my own thought! i want to stick lots of reference inside my moleskine... hmmm what color should it be? red? green? yellow? black? if only they have white! or grey! ;D i almost finished my muji sketch book... shall i buy? haha! oh, well! and that 82 dollars yohji yamamoto book that i've been eyeing!

i just published some of my work on ehhehe raymond, my friend encourage me to post them up. geeez! how can i compare my work with those artists. i never want to post my work there. hahaha i created the account just to get inspired by lots of awesome work from there. here eventho noone cares. ;p happisis

oh yeah blog, i am going to start collecting lots of cute and strange stuff. i need to get inspired and study more! :D

random! *the thing i hate the most is うそつき! だい きらい!!!! humph

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