Monday, August 15, 2011

. missing you .

i am in love with my mom's estee lauder perfume. when i miss her i spray her perfume on me :D and it brings me back to the memories. i still remember how i adore each of the perfume bottles when i was a little kid. wish i can spray my own perfume. when my mom and dad sprayed their perfume, i'll stand closely hoping it stays a lil bit on me. how i miss that time. my first perfume is of course from anna sui "dolly girl" and so as my first ever designer that i love. that's a gift from my mom. i love to spray it but i was too afraid to finished it. my first perfume from my dad is by jean paul gaultier of course with the body shape bottle. it is so cute! aaahh~ my mom is a simple person. she doesn't like any make up and she dress really simple. she used to have lots of perfume but she hardly touch them.

my dad on the other hand, he love to "make-up" yeah, he can keep on changing his clothes again and again until he feels "handsome" ahha that's my cute dad. if we do traveling, he has the most stuff with him. he is such a cutie. oh yeah, his fave perfume now is narciso rodriguez for her. yeah, for her! he even loves to spray my mom's mademoiselle. guess, he just love the scent that my mom has. haha.

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