Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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my zits making a come back!!!!! *danger danger danger! i hate it! humph.... lack of sleep these days working on friend's wedding illustration. this will be the first and the last. thanks to scooby doo! to help me out with the lil effects. thanks to encourage me throughout this. unlike someone else who lose faith in me before i tried. *sucks yo. receiving help from other is not that nice for i feel uneasy, i am not very easy to pleased. i've been trying to work on my own every now and then. i came to singapore with noone but my luggage. i went to raffles design institute with noone but my notebook, pen and pencil. i am proud of the fact that i still can survive! how dare people said i am too dependent. how dare people said i am spoilt kid and i can't survive on my own. *angry. yes, how dare! i work my ass off to gain what i have today. eventho it is small but i am proud of myself. i look childish behave like a kid and all. but i am independent. it is my personality alright? what is wrong with that? sigh~

am sorry blog, i got carried away *calm down calm down. okay, so yeah! i am tired, lack of sleep, lots of pressure, lots of responsibility, lots of stress. i need some air. these few months being insane. but i actually feel happy about it. okay, i complain but mostly because of the existence of my pimples! this scars and pimples ruin my skin. i hate hate hate! i miss my smooth clean skin on my face :( *friend said, laser but laser, i need whole lots of blinks! sigh!!! what will our ancient do when they have this problem? without going thru the laser process? please drop me a recipe from the sky! i need it. hoaaaaaah! it would be great if even you work late, not enough sleep and all but you still get to maintain the healthy skin. humph!

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