Saturday, July 30, 2011

. thank you .

everything about yesterday is awesome :) yes, it has to be. it is the new page of my life. starting from my lovely four little sisters surprised me with their love, til now it is still awesome. i would like to be drama and thanked my little sisters novia, rhica, jennifer, christine. also i have to thanked all my colleagues that celebrated my birthday. thanked azaleas to insisted that i have to celebrate my birthday :p. i gave her and jie ming trouble to vivo city just to get a strawberry shortcakes from bakerzin. coz i told her i only love that certain cake ;p hahahaha *pardon me for my "hard to please" manner ;p really, thanks. and yes! i promise a friend that i won't cry on my birthday and i'll be happy. and i did it! thanks for his support and all :) i am glad to have him as a friend! i also got to thanked my naan fellas from work place plus the other designers for the lovely wood box. i love it so much! thanked for all the wishes be it from instagram, sms, watzapp, gtalk, phone call, facebook, twitter, or face to face. really happy to know i still have lots of lovely friends surround me. aside from all the pain that i got this past months. i begin to feel more relax.

blog, i received my last and touching card and gift from my lovely sister and brother. i have to said i feel touched and i feel that i am the luckiest girl just because i know they love me so much! :) flash back, i still remember my breakdown call that i made few times a day and a week. thanked them not to judge me and instead support me and still love me. too much drama past months. i wish no more for them. i have to thanked the pain that caused by a person. now i just need to move forward! strong and excited! :) *whatever that means yes, i need to.

AT LAST! LION KING SHOW IS GREAT! eventho i am alone watching it but i feel great about it. (but i got to admit i wish i am watching it and sharing it with someone) plus a "surprise/should i said spot check" after the show! i am kinda speechless. i couldn't say how happy i am and how lucky i am.

*yes, i might not be ready to love again so soon but one day i will when the time is right and when i meet someone right to be with.

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HENY said...

Your time will come when a prince will show up and rescue you; and that when you realize you are worth a billion dollars and of course; the just the beginning of pursuing happiness!!!