Friday, July 22, 2011

. random .

hey, blog and yes blog! this is friday night and i am still at the office. some will probably said, uh that is sad but i won't see it that way. i love staying back at the office doing work. yeah, tomorrow is ci fair need to finished tiny bit stuff. :) humph....and i regret eating those junks for dinner... oily junks. i should have eaten something healthier. now i feel full of oils. the unhealthy one. humph i don't feel good. they taste not really great.

anyway blog.. i feel so tired these days. i miss going back early sit on the bed together with my lil sister playing computer. she is the best and the cutest. i love her loads! but she always refused me to kiss her good night and hug her. ;p but i always did anyway. coz i couldn't help but love her so much :) she is the sweetest, naughtiest, rude, cutest sister that i have. and blog, i feel worried about the wedding video. i am still working on it. but just because the couple that going to get married will be the couple that i love most, i am worried to disappoint them. humm but i'll still keep on doing my best :)

somehow, i miss hotel. :( i want to have holiday(s)!! staying in the hotel, not to worry about neaten up your bed and be happy like a queen. ahhh~ room service, nice food, chill room, tv on 24 hours. i just miss that time! i miss travelling again!!! *i will marry a guy who likes to travel alot.

okay, my post became so random. let it be random then ;p i miss disney songs. i always have them on my pod but just because people said i am such a kid. i stop to listen. but afterall i am me. i still need disney songs to cheer me up.

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