Thursday, July 21, 2011

. just a little bit of .

yuhuuuu blog, how are you? i've been confuse and busy with work and stuff >.< no much time for dilly dally. am going to sleep soon but before that, i went to my ibook app earlier and i search books from "store" lots of titles lots of authors. just a random thought! how i wish we are still in a paper pencil era. i wish i can read lots and lots of books. know about great guys, great artist, great people behind all this revolution. ah, and with pencil i just need to keep on drawing and drawing. well, of course if we are still in this era, i will not be able to typing this while lying down on my bed :p well, just a silly thoughts of mine. i had a nice dinner earlier :) thanks! muah blog, am going to sleep!

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