Friday, July 29, 2011

. happy brithday you! .

i hope nothing for any bday celebration. but yet, my four lovely sisters surprised me :) love them, love the cake and love the reckless ericka that they bought for me :D *big hug for them! so, yeah blog! i am older and stronger i supposed and smarter i hope and more creative i wish. i feel touched by all those birthday wishes that my lovely friends sent me :) most of it is they wish me HAPPIER! yeah, that's what i wish for the best i think.. heehhe. so i can share the happiness that i have with people around me. i really need to thank God again for bringing me to this lovely tough earth. i might complains alot but i still love my life, my Daddy, my parents, my sisters, my grandpa and grandma, my friends, my boss, all the people who hates me and dislike me.

weeeheee! today for lion king! :)

thanks my TIP fellas esp. AZA's hard work with jie ming! long journey to vivo and queue for the cake! ahhaha. ;p

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